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Credit scoring model, dashboard and API


Use bank and credit data of "Home Credit" company to build a model quantifying the clients default risk. This is a supervised binary classification problem. A dashboard and API are deployed to help bank advisors in their decisions.

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Deploy a scalable model on the cloud


Here we seek to develop a computer vision model able to classify fruits and vegetable photos. The model must be able to run on thousands of images which requires a spark/hadoop set-up deployed on a cloud plateform. For now, only a POC including the loading of images, preprocessing and dimensions reduction is needed.

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NLP and computer vision for e-commerce goods

NLP computer vision

This project aims at classifying items from a title/description + one image of the product. I tested several NLP and computer vision approaches, both with unsupervised, supervised and transfer learning approaches.

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Clients clustering to drive marketing actions

Clients clustering

A brazilian e-commerce company wants a clients database analysis to provide insights for their marketing team. I use clients personnal data in RFM and relational clustering to highlight their shopping behaviours. On this project, I focused on getting a clear view of the clients pool rather than technical aspects of modeling.

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